Customer Feedback & Testimonials

Dear Carol,

Just a note to tell you of the many compliments I receive on your jewelry pieces when I am wearing them. One of the things I enjoy about your jewelry, in addition to its beauty, is that it feels so good against the skin.

You not only create beautiful jewelry, but you are also a delight to work with. The custom necklaces you've designed for me have given me endless pleasure.

Beverly Hills, California

Hello Carol,

I wanted to let you know that I gave one of the necklaces that I purchased from you to my sister for Christmas. My sister just loves it!!!

Thank you again for making such beautiful one of a kind pieces!! It truly makes it that much more special when you know you will not find some one else wearing or having the same exact thing you do!! I really do love your jewelry!!! You have a great eye and not everyone has that talent!!

Take care,
San Carlos, CA

Recently friends and I headed for a trip to China. We saw so much and loved it, but looked and could not find interesting Jade pieces that each of us was looking for. We were very disappointed. As soon as I got back, I found out about Carol Barrett's collection. I invited my friends and we were all amazed at how wonderful her pieces were! They were what we were expecting to find in China. I think she got there first. At any rate, I now have some very dramatic, lovely pieces that I love!

Los Altos, CA

Dear Carol,

All these varied jewels ... beguile my sight ... like that rosy dawn, which ends the night, and counts each day in its head-long flight to the morrow!

How else may one adequately describe your jewelry creations so sublime, but by a bit of metered rhyme? So happy to have stumbled upon your shop whilst surfing for hand-made jewelry on the web. Now your jewelry website is my single stop shopping place for quality jewelry at affordable prices!

Riverside, California

Very Dear Carol,

I have been a satisfied and loyal customer for quite a while. I am taking the time to send this note because have something I just HAD to let you know. I want to share the happiness I feel each time I open one of your jewelry boxes and see the beautiful exquisite craftmanship of your precious pieces.

Jewelry is art, history, social commentary, decorative ornamentation and self expression all expressed by each creation.

Thank you for letting us share the experience.

My greatest regards,
Forest Hills, NY

Dear Carol,

It has been a delight to wear your unique jewelry. Both the connoisseur and the curious ask about their origin. I am happy to tell them that you, with great artistry and skill, have created these little masterpieces.

It is an ongoing pleasure to shop with you as you are as gracious a business woman as a designer.

Always best wishes,
Fairhope, Alabama

I have bought several pieces from Carol. I love each of them because it is not something you are going to find in a store or on anyone else. I also like the fact that each of her pieces have meaning. My mom loved her necklace so much that Carol made her some earrings to match. I wish Carol had a store in Texas. I would shop there all the time. If you are looking for something unique for a family member this is the place to shop. Give them something totally different.

Benbrook, TX

Hi Carol

I stumbled on Carol's jewelry by accident, WHAT A TERRIFIC STUMBLE. I am a unique person and your necklaces are wonderful.

My kind of work does not enable me to wear rings and bracelets but necklaces are my way to express what I love. I wonder where she finds the great items to put on the cords. I am so hooked that I found a few of my own that I hope to have them made into necklaces by Carol. I can't say enough about how unique and great they are. Being a lover of art these truely are wearable art.

Will always be looking for more by you.

Terry Jo
Groton, NH

I am very happy and proud to wear my necklaces from Carol Barrett Jewelry. I am usually seeking items that are unique, and Carol's selection seems to always have new and different pieces that are intriguing to me. I receive compliments very frequently when wearing her pieces. I am happy to enthusiastically endorse the Carol Barrett selection of jewelry.

Monument, CO


Being a longtime jewelry aficionado, you have no idea how pleased I was to find your cybershop. I'm one of those women who, when I dress, cares much more about the variation in accessories - especially jewels - than in the actual clothes. So, those jewels must be unique, intriguing, and flattering in addition to just plain beautiful. And your pieces are all those things in addition to being well-crafted.

Many thanks for adorning me so elegantly!

Baltimore, MD

Carol’s jewelry is different from any I’ve seen. The unique (and genuine) artifacts that she uses as the focal point of her pieces are not typically found in other Asian-themed jewelry. When I purchase one of Carol’s pieces, I know it is one-of-a-kind; and, when I wear Carol’s jewelry, strangers approach me to look at it, comment on it, and ask where I got it. The jewelry is sophisticated and looks very expensive. As I’ve dealt with Carol, she has become more like a friend than a merchant. Her communication is warm and affirming.

Columbia, SC

Hello Carol,

Even though my my order arrived about a month ago, I only had the chance to open it today and I must say that it was worth the wait! The necklace looks exactly like the pictures. It is an absolute masterpiece that I will cherish for many years to come. I am certainly pleased with your services and I hope to order from you in the near future.

Thank you again,


Dear Carol,

I am so pleased with my jade necklace and pendant that I purchased from your shop. They are a beautiful accessory with just about everything that I wear. I really appreciated your special customer service with me. You were wonderful to correspond with and you answered all my questions. You were very accommodating in my being able to purchase this necklace. I love your shop and all your unusual combinations of genuine stones that you put together. I also appreciate your integrity and honesty in stating whether a stone has been color enhanced or not. I peruse your site constantly looking for that very special item that only you carry.

Thank you very kindly

A Very Satisfied Customer.

Salt Lake City, Utah