Lavender Jade Frog Earrings

Approx 1 1/2" drop



SALE   $120

Lavender jade is rare so it is especially hard to find a pair of matching lavender jade buttons.  I found these and made them into drop earrings.  The color is very nice. 

Chinese royalty has worn jade for centuries.   It is believed to be a spiritual stone and has been called the jewel of heaven.  It represents the five principal virtues:  charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom.  From cloudy white to golden brown, light to dark green, to rare lavender, jade is the most highly prized Asian gemstone.  Jade has been regarded as the most precious stone for thousands of years.  It is believed to protect the wearer and ensure good luck and good health as well as to increase life span.

The frog is symbolic of happiness, good luck, longevity and prosperity.