Jade Fu Dog and Flourite Melon Cord Necklace.

Approx 1 1/2" drop. on an adjustable leather cord.



This beautiful green translucent jade fu dog is topped with a green fluorite melon bead that complements the green in the jade.

The Fu Dog is embodied in rich Chinese history and tradition.  They are believed to have powerful mythic protective powers and were thought to discourage any wrong doers and demon spirits from entering the place of tranquility.    The fu dog or temple lion have traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial palaces, temples, emperors' tombs, government offices, and the homes of government officials and the wealthy from the Han Dynasty ( 206B- 220AD), until the end of the empire in 1911.  The Fu Dog was the protector of sacred buildings and a defender of law.   He is symbolic of vitality, courage and loyalty.

Worn by Imperial families for centuries, jade is a very spiritual stone.  It has been called the jewel of heaven, the stone of immortality, a symbol of purity and is believed to embody the five cardinal virtues:  charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom.  From cloudy white to golden brown, light to dark green, to rare lavender, this most highly prized Asian stone is of many shades.  Jade is treasured for its magical powers to increase life span, cure all ailments and ward off evil spirits.