Amber Stork, Bamboo, Amber Cord Necklace

Approx 3" drop x 1" on an adjustable leather cord.


SALE    $120

This beautiful piece of amber is carved with a raised stork on raised bamboo on the front.  It also has a raised upside down bat on the bottom of the piece.  On the back is carved a raised bat and bamboo.  

The carved amber is 1 5/8”long by 1 1/8” wide.  The piece is topped with a oval amber bead that is 1’ tall by 5/8” wide.  it is suspended from a natural black leather cord that is adjustable from 17” to 34” so it can be worn a variety of lengths.

In Asian legends the stork is said to live 1,000 years.  They are symbolic of longevity.   Bamboo is also a symbol of longevity.

The bat is symbolic of happiness, good fortune, prosperity and longevity. When something is portrayed upside down it means it has arrived, so the common portrayal of an upside-down bat is symbolic of good fortune that has arrived.  It is one of the best symbols of good luck.   Two bats together means double good fortune.

Baltic amber which is millions of years old is the prehistoric fossilized resin of ancient pines often trapping the life of that time as it solidified creating a mini prehistoric map.  It has been used as ornamentation since the Stone Age.  It is symbolic of marriage, considered good luck and often given as a wedding gift. The Greeks believed amber was a kiss from the sun. symbolic of longevity.