Mammoth Fish Pendant, Peruvian Opal, 18K Gold Vermeil Necklace

Approx 19" long including pendant, pendant 3" x 1 1/2"


This carved mammoth ivory fish pendant is strung with a beautiful strand of Peruvian opal barrels.  it is rare o find this good high quality stone.  The color is a deep rich turquoise.  The mammoth pendant is carved with a different design on the back so it can be worn both ways.  I have finished the necklace with a 18k gold vermeil hook clasp.  

The fish is symbolic of abundance, prosperity, wealth and persistence.  It is also believed to represent an advantage in business.  A pair of fish symbolizes a happy marriage.

Peruvian blue opal is relatively rare and is only found in the Andes mountains in Peru. It is a moderately translucent stone with color similar to the Caribbean Sea.  It can have brown or black inclusions.

Mammoth Ivory comes from the extinct mammoth elephant that roamed the Earth during the Pliocene era from around 4.8 million to 4,500 years ago. Because they are extinct they are not endangered and therefore, are legal and save the African elephant.  The artisans that carved elephant ivory are now carving mammoth ivory that is recovered in Siberia.