Jade Dragon and Phoenix Lock, Mammoth Ivory Dogs Cord Necklace

Approx 1 3/4" drop, on an adjustable leather cord.


The dragon is the imperial emblem of the Emperors from the Han period. The dragon, a supernatural creature, is the symbol of power, strength, wisdom and goodness and represents the utmost in attainment: good luck and success in life. It is also believed to be the guardian of hidden treasures. It represents the spirit of growth and change. - The phoenix, a supernatural bird, is the emblem of the Empress and of beauty. It only appears in time of peace and prosperity. It is symbolic of prosperity, rich harvests, and beauty. Together with the dragon it is symbolic of marriage. The dog is regarded as a faithful companion and is, therefore symbolic of friendship and loyalty. . It is believed that if a strange dog comes and stays with you it is a good omen, indicating a wealthy future. The dog is a talisman for protection against thieves, evil spirits and all kinds of illness.