Many a good man lets Valentine’s Day slip past with little notice.  Nearly 40 percent of Americans don’t celebrate the lover’s holiday at all. If you are among those who didn’t make any grand romantic gestures in mid-February, March could be your month to shine.

You’re supposed to think about your love and affection on February 14. That sense of obligation can rob your gestures of their authenticity. Choosing a day in March, when the date itself is unimportant and irrelevant, to think about and appreciate your relationship can be truly romantic.

Yes, buying a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses for your wife or girlfriend on Valentines Day is romantic. But more romantic yet is buying her something amazing for no reason at all.

Thinking of you
Offering a token of your affection on a random day can really show your loved one that you were thinking about her and appreciate her. I know that when I or any of my friends receive little gifts from our loved ones outside of Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays or Mother’s Day, it feels like we’ve won the lottery.

When a gift is truly unexpected, it’s such a thrill to receive and will certainly stand out in the memory.

Gifts that last
While flowers and chocolate are lovely, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful gift that lasts. That’s why jewelry has always been such a popular romantic gift. It usually speaks to the recipient’s character and how the giver knows her, which is inherently romantic.

But jewelry also gives the couple a concrete marker in their relationship. A beautiful piece of unique jewelry will remind both of you of that moment in your shared history. It will stir up those positive emotions and sense of love every time she wears it.

Something special
If you’re going to spontaneously buy your wife or girlfriend a piece of jewelry outside of an occasion, take the time to make sure it speaks to her. There are many types of jewelry and many places where you can buy it. If your loved one loves one-of-a-kind fashion statement jewelry, Asian antiques or bold semi-precious gemstones, consider an original piece from Carol Barrett Jewelry.