Maybe you’re one of those gentlemen who know gemstones and can spot a quality piece from across the room. Maybe your wife is used to getting fine jewelry from you on special occasions. Lucky her. But if that’s not you, don’t fret. That’s not most men.


So, how do you find the right piece of fine artisan jewelry for you wife?


Where not to go

First, steer clear of the chain jewelry stores. They are known for their staples. They have lines and vendors, not artists. If you want something truly original and authentic, you won’t find it in a franchise.


Start at the source

Pay attention to the jewelry your wife wears. What does she like best about the pieces she wears most often? What makes those special occasion pieces so special? Ask her about her jewelry and gem preferences when you have the opportunity to do it without being obvious. Notice when she complements other women on their jewelry.


Don’t discount your taste

You will see her in the artisan necklace or earrings you pick out all the time, so you should also like them. Clearly you have good taste – you chose her, after all. So, go ahead and look at jewelry with confidence. If you like it, chances are she will, too.


Look to influences from her existing collection

If she has several unique one-of-a-kind pieces, try to stay that course and choose another distinct piece. If she has a favorite jewelry artist, such as Carol Barrett, consider buying another piece from the same creator or looking to someone with similar styles.


Pay attention to quality

Make sure, whatever you buy, the materials and craftsmanship are top notch. If you’re going to spend the money, buy something with obvious quality that will last and that will draw many an admiring glance. Don’t choose something that’s similar to a great jewelry artist’s work but created with inferior products and finesse. There is a stark difference, for example, between jade and glass pieces that look like jade.



Find a piece that speaks to your wife. Use the jewelry gift to communicate an idea. Of course, this is easier when the pieces themselves are carvings or antiques that tell a story and have cultural significance, as is the case with most Carol Barrett Jewelry. But the semiprecious stones can say a million words all on their own if they’re high-quality and well arranged.