Rabbits Symbolize Longevity And Love In Spring Jewelry


Easter is fast approaching. And many of us have bunnies on the brain.


The iconic animal of spring has some interesting symbolic meanings, depending on the culture ascribing the meaning. In the West, rabbits are symbols of abundance, comfort, vulnerability and fertility.


In Asian culture, the rabbit is symbolic of virtue and longevity. Those born in the years of the rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac are intelligent, successful in business and lucky in love.


Chinese rabbits

That’s certainly not a bad combination. Those born in the following years are the lucky rabbits in your life:


• 1915 – water

• 1927 – fire

• 1939 – earth

• 1951 – metal

• 1963 – water

• 1975 – wood

• 1987 – fire

• 1999 – earth

• 2011 – metal


Rabbits are hopeful and happy

There’s a certain cheerfulness and optimism surrounding rabbits. They’re playful, cute and soft. It’s no wonder we associate them with spring. That happiness and hopefulness that fills us all as the snow melts and the sun shines brighter and warmer seems so perfectly embodied in the bounding bunny.


Rabbits in jewelry

The symbolism makes rabbits a great accessory in the spring. Of course, it’s not easy to incorporate rabbits into jewelry or other women’s fashion in a mature and tasteful way.


The one great exception includes gorgeous Asian antiquities. I have collected numerous beautiful mammoth ivory, jade and wood carvings of rabbits on my travels through Asia and Indonesia.


All of the carvings are beautiful, high quality and exquisitely detailed. While they express the cheerful optimism you expect from rabbits, these pieces are perfectly paired with semi-precious gemstones and hand-blown glass beads to create sophisticated pieces of heirloom jewelry.