The year of the snake should be a good year.  After a dragon year where there were ups and downs the snake year should be a better with less drama and turbulence.  The year of the snake is auspicious for a year of more opportunities than we have seen in a while that will bode well for increased prosperity and peace.  This is also a year when we will see progress especially in science and technology making this a great year for scientists, students and educators.

This is the year to wear a monkey pendant to protect you from unexpected negative energy.  This is especially true if you were born in a year of the snake.  For those born in a snake year it is a positive sign that will help you meet challenges, make the most of your capabilities and achieve your goals.

The Chinese believe that having a snake (or person born in the year of the snake) in the home will insure that there will always be enough food for the family.