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Carol Barrett incorporates high quality hand-carved jade pieces and silver Asian antiques with qualitiy semi-precious stones to create fashion statement jewelry that will definitley get noticed. Her designs are unique and have been sold in exclusive stores and boutiques, including Saks Fifth Avenue, throughout the United States. These pieces are collector's items as well as art to wear.

How it all started

Carol Barrett, who has a background in biochemistry, founded Gemini Jewelry with a partner in 1989. The two discovered a mutual interest in antiquities during a trip to Hong Kong and purchased an assortment of rare antique jade carvings. The two returned to the U.S. and creatively incorporated the antique and vintage carvings into necklaces.

People stopped Barrett everywhere she went and asked about her quality one-of-a-kind necklaces. A Broadway performer even bent down from the stage during curtain calls to inquire about a piece she was wearing. Barrett never expected to make a career of her quality one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, but it didn't take long before boutique buyers like the one at I. Magnin in San Francisco noticed the original jewelry. When the buyer purchased the entire line, Gemini Jewelry was born.

Carol Barrett Jewelry

Barrett has since branched from Gemini Jewelry to create Carol Barrett Jewelry, a company dedicated to creating high quality unique Jewelry.

Barrett takes inspiration from the rich history of antique and carved pieces, which she collects from China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Borneo, Europe, Australia, Micronesia, Africa and the U.S.

A focal carving or artifact combined with semi-precious stones or hand blown glass beads, shaping exceptional one-of-a-kind jewelry, characterizes her collections. Each design carries it own symbolic meaning.

Creative jewelry artist

While Barrett loves creating the unique vintage jewelry pieces trapped in her own imagination, she takes just as much joy from helping clients create custom jewelry designs of their own.

Whether using heirloom pieces or vintage Asian artifacts from her own collection, Barrett can help clients create custom jewelry that will speak to the wearer.

Carol Barrett's one-of-a-kind jewelry

Barrett's goal is to create jewelry that embodies opulence, luxury and high style while maintaining the individuality and living Asian history each of her pieces have become known for.

Jewelry created by Carol Barrett is styish, reflecting current trends by blending the past and present. With her signature flare and original jewelry designs, Barrett brings the past to life in jewelry that celebrates the independent spirit of today's women.

Carol Barrett Jewelry is worn around the world in all the fashion centers from New York to San Francisco, Dallas to Minneapolis, as well as London to Paris to Russia and all over Asia and the South Pacific. Her globally inspired jewelry is irresistible to everyone.

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