High Quality One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Incorporating Unique Asian Jade, and Antique Silver Pieces
Sold in Exclusive Stores - Independent owner for 30 years.

Carol Barrett makes beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry using quality gemstones and unique jade, mammoth ivory and silver pieces she finds on her travels through Asia and Indonesia.

 Originally established as Gemini Jewelry 25 years ago, Barrett’s gallery-quality jewelry was a long-time staple at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry has literally stopped traffic with clients reporting that people have pulled their cars over to ask about her quality vintage necklaces.

 “It’s the kind of jewelry that gets noticed,” she said. “It makes a fashion statement.”

 One-of-a-kind vintage jewelry

Barrett incorporates vintage and antique pieces into her necklaces, bracelets and earrings that might not be elements most people would expect to see in high quality jewelry. But they blend beautifully with the highest quality semi-precious gemstones Barrett selects from her suppliers to create the kind of pieces that become heirloom jewelry.

 Jewelry artist

Each piece of Barrett’s one-of-a-kind jewelry is thoughtfully crafted using a beautiful vintage or antique mammoth ivory netsuke, Ching Dynasty porcelain shard, jade pendant, silver or wood carving that speaks to her artistic senses.

 Some of the antiques and collectables stand on their own. Barrett will do little more than attach the pendants to a leather cord. And the Indonesian and Tibetan jewelry pieces will sparkle with individual charm.

 However, Barrett’s best known for the artistic way she combines vintage and antique Asian-inspired jewelry with modern semi-precious gemstones to create truly original jewelry pieces that get noticed.

 Custom jewelry design

While Carol Barrett’s one-of-a-kind jewelry crafted from vintage and antique jade, mammoth ivory, silver and porcelain has been the heart of her business, she is an artist and can build or rebuild heirloom-quality jewelry based on her clients’ desires.

If you have a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings in your imagination, Barrett can create it.

 If you see an antique or collectable in her collection, or anywhere else, that you’d like to incorporate into a quality unique jewelry piece, Barrett can work with you to craft something that’s not just one-of-a-kind jewelry, but exactly what you see when you close your eyes and dream.

 Contact us

If you see a piece of original jewelry or an antique or collectable on the website and want to know more about it or if you would like to discuss custom jewelry design, contact Carol Barrett Jewelry directly.

"Very dear Carol,

I have been a satisfied and loyal customer for quite a while. I am taking the time to send this note because I have something I just HAD to let you know. I want to share the happiness I feel each time I open one of your jewelry boxes and see the beautiful exquisite craftsmanship of your precious pieces.

Jewelry is art, history, social commentary, decorative ornamentation and self expression all expressed by each creation.
Thank you for letting us share the experience."

My greatest regards,

Forest Hills, NY

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