Jade Beaded Necklace Collection

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I hunt for jade pieces that are unique, good quality and are beautifully carved.  I have been able to find some jade that is naturally more than one color and where the artist who carved it has used that to define and enhance the carving.  I hand pick all my gemstones for quality, color and unusual cut or shape.  I use the gemstones to enhance or complement the jade piece.  Sometimes it takes a while to find the right gemstone for the jade carving.

    "Recently friends and I headed for a trip to China. We saw so much and loved it, but looked and could not find
    interesting Jade pieces that each of us was looking for. We were very disappointed. As soon as I got back, I found
    out about Carol Barrett's collection. I invited my friends and we were all amazed at how wonderful her pieces
    were! They were what we were expecting to find in China. I think she got there first. At any rate, I now have         
    some very dramatic, lovely pieces that I love! "