Jade Beaded Necklace Collection

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I hunt for jade pieces that are unique, good quality and are beautifully carved.  I have been able to find some jade that is naturally more than one color and where the artist who carved it has used that to define and enhance the carving.  I hand pick all my gemstones for quality, color and unusual cut or shape.  I use the gemstones to enhance or complement the jade piece.  Sometimes it takes a while to find the right gemstone for the jade carving.

    "Recently friends and I headed for a trip to China. We saw so much and loved it, but looked and could not find
    interesting Jade pieces that each of us was looking for. We were very disappointed. As soon as I got back, I found
    out about Carol Barrett's collection. I invited my friends and we were all amazed at how wonderful her pieces
    were! They were what we were expecting to find in China. I think she got there first. At any rate, I now have         
    some very dramatic, lovely pieces that I love! "

C634alt Jade quadruple dragon, jade necklace
C4055alt green jade five bats, double phoenix, green rutilated quartz
C3841 alt jade flower, carved jade necklace
C3720 alt jade dragon, longevity, carved jade
C2522 alt green jade fo dog chop, jade necklace
C2845 alt jade draon, longevity pi, faceted fluorite
C3362 alt jade dragon, carved carnelian dragon bead necklace
C2914 alt honey jade dragon, phoenix citrine necklace
C1366 alt Jade script, dragon, golden rutilated quartz necklace
C2633-alt golden jade fo dogs, faceted citrine necklace
C2067 alt old Chinese jade dragon and Phoenix, Chinese turquoise necklace
C2982 alt Old Jade Double Dragon, Chrysophase Necklace
C2564 alt Jade dragon, peach, citrine necklace
C3544 alt golden jade dragon, butter amber necklace
C2858 alt jade dragon carved jade necklace
C3743 alt Jade bat, peach and jade beaded necklace
C3883 alt golden jade double fish, citrine, aquamarine necklace
C2981 alt Lavender jade bats, double happiness lock, burmese jade necklace
C3615 alt jade double fish, green apatite necklace
C2032 alt Jade Fish, Lotus, Pi, Aquamarine Necklace
C3533 alt golden jade dragon, Baroque pearls, Imperial topaz
C3921 alt jade bat lock, natural jade necklace
C1961 alt carved blue and golden jade bat, peach, grey moonstone necklacebat
c3675alt old jade double dragon, phoenix, golden rutilated quartz necklace
C3512 alt green jade dragons chrysoprase necklace
C2939 alt Blue jade flower, faceted blue quartz necklace
C3628 alt Blue jade dragon, bat, kyanite necklace
C3350 alt jade frog, gourd, aquamarine necklace
C958 alt white and apple jade bamboo, birds chrysoprase necklace
C3042 alt antique jade fo dog, carved peach stone, jade necklace
C2651 alt jade lucky god, citrine neclace
C3291 alt, jade dragon citrine necklace
C3790 alt jade dragon, bat, faceted lodalite, jade necklace
C2337 alt red jade bat, dragon, carnelian necklace
C3554 alt green jade dragon, peach, fresh water pearls
C3742 alt jade fo dog, jade necklace
C3351- alt - green jade double dragon lock, jade necklace
alt golden jade fo dogs, faceted citrine necklace
C2936 alt lavender and green jade dragon, lavender jade necklace
C3880 alt jade dragon, lotus, jade necklace
C3519 alt jade Ebisu, fish, bat, sunstone necklace
C3605 alt jade frog, lotus, baltic amber necklace
C3789 alt jade dragon, burmese jade necklace
C3662 alt jade fish, lotus, jade necklace
C2747 alt Jade butterfly, aventurine melon necklace
C5145alt jade dragon and phoenix, aquamarine necklace
C3093 alt golden jade deer, citrine necklace
C1016 alt Burmese jade rabbit, jade
C3871 alt jade dragon , jade beaded necklace
C3872 alt jade dragons, citrin necklace
C2605 alt jade dragon aquamarine necklace
C3791 alt jade lotus, dragon, aquamarine necklace
C3186 alt lavender jade butterfly, cape amethyst melon necklace
C3592 alt lavender jade dragon, faceted ametrine necklace
C2029 -alt jade dragon , peach, tourmaline
C2011 alt golden jade ducks, citrine necklace
C2956 alt lavender jade fish, amethyst necklace
C3577 alt green jade butterfly, Chrysophase Necklace
C2678 alt golden jade fish, lotus, faceted amber necklace
C3150 alt old jade fish, seed bead necklace
C3638 alt Lavender Jade Butterfly, Amethyst Necklace
C2439 alt Lavender Jade 3-Legged Frog, Amethyst Necklace
C2848 alt jade fish, natural aquamarine necklace
C2384 alt jade dragonfish, aquamarine necklace
C1926 alt Lavender Jade Double Dragon Wedding Lock, Amethyst Necklace