Jade is a beautiful, diverse and highly valued stone worldwide. But the Chinese have historically prized it even above gold or silver. But that’s just one reason one-of-a-kind jade jewelry is so valuable.


When you notice the gloss and allure of a piece of authentic jade, you can understand how a whole culture could be so enraptured by this one-of-a-kind stone for more than 7,000 years.


The Chinese first began mining and carving jade stones before 5000 BC. It was traded as currency and transformed into artistic pieces by skilled carvers. Chinese royalty wore jade pieces so coveted they took the carvings to the grave with them.

Likewise, the wealthy elite of China demonstrated their status with jade carvings.


Beyond showmanship

Jade has always been more than a fancy piece of bling designed to demonstrate wealth. It possesses several spiritual and cultural connotations as well. Jade represents the five principal virtues: charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom.


The carvings artisans made from prized jade pieces are even more culturally significant and stunning than the stone itself in many cases. Carvings depict creatures of importance in poses that tell stories or that aim to protect the wearer from danger, illness, broken hearts and bad luck.


Types of jade

The most prized type of jade, at least in China, is the all-white “mutton fat.” Internationally, a translucent deep emerald-green jade is the most valuable. However, jade is a phenomenal stone that comes in a wide variety of natural colors. Ranging from the soft hemlock hue many associate with jade to the deep emerald greens, rare lavender, pink and eye-catching gold or Earthy browns, jade is a versatile gemstone.


Jade jewelry

The Chinese have been carving jade pendants and jewelry for thousands of years. Many of those pieces were broken up over time. Pendants, charms and small remnants of antique and even ancient jade pieces surface occasionally and can be incorporated into stunning one-of-a-kind modern jade jewelry pieces.


One-of-a-kind jade jewelry

Carol Barrett has spent extensive time traveling through Asia on the hunt for original and beautiful jade carvings that can be incorporated into one-of-a-kind modern jade jewelry. Her pieces have literally stopped traffic and earned her accolades from some of the world’s greatest jewelry aficionados.


Barrett is able to preserve the original meaning and character of ancient Chinese jade carvings while again transforming them into wearable art that makes a statement and gets noticed.