T’is the season. Holiday music is creeping into playlists. Decorations are going up at shopping centers. Christmas cards and party invitations are going out in the mail.


So, now the big question is: what to wear?


Halloween is over. It’s time for sophistication, elegance and a little bit of sparkle.


Before you buy new sequin-covered or rhinestone studded outfits for this season’s lineup of office affairs, friends’ dinner parties and organization galas, take a peak in your jewelry case. The right necklace can turn a simple little black dress into a show stopper.


Accessorize for holiday party success

The holidays are a time of year when glamor and sparkle are truly appreciated. While those qualities get attention, they don’t always translate easily into textiles.


Glittering dresses and blouses work for more formal occasions, but can leave you feeling over dressed for a dinner party or casual gathering. It’s hard to wear any clothing that shimmers without feeling slightly out of place unless you’re attending a black tie affair.


Choosing jewelry that makes a statement and stands out is an exception. An eye-catching and sophisticated necklace or earrings win attention, admiring glances and compliments. The best part is, you can wear jewelry again and again – no matter how distinct it is.


Choosing the right jewelry to stand out during holidays

You’re usually wearing heavier fabrics and covering more skin during the holiday season, which tends to make simple costume jewelry blend right into the background.


It takes a bolder piece to make a statement in the winter months than it does in the summer. With dark colors popular this winter, choosing accessories that stand out is even more challenging.


It’s also important to choose something that isn’t just showy, but that also has a timelessness to it so you can match it with other outfits and wear it again. The piece you choose should be sophisticated and elegant to match the occasion.


Bright colors, quality semiprecious stones, unique and artistic designs stand out and transform dark or simple clothing into something fresh and exciting.


Carol Barrett Jewelry is perfect for holiday parties

Carol Barrett Jewelry is one-of-a-kind. No two pieces are alike. She incorporates artistic antiquities from around the globe into her pieces using the highest quality semiprecious stones and blown glass beads. Her pieces stand out and get noticed.


Beyond their beauty, her pieces come with interesting stories perfect for starting party conversations. Since many of Carol Barrett’s necklaces feature carvings in jade, silver, wood or mammoth ivory, they have cultural significance and tremendous history that fascinates and strikes many a holiday party conversation about world travel.