The massive tusks of one of the world’s most tremendous mammals are extremely similar to elephant tusks. They’re just as easy to carve in great detail and are every bit as beautiful. But there are a few key advantages to Mammoth ivory over elephant ivory:


• It comes from the Wooly Mammoth, which has been extinct more than 10,000 years. So, no animals are harmed in mining the precious bone.


• It doesn’t discolor over the years because it’s naturally aged.


• There could be as many as 150 million Mammoths buried in the frozen tundra of Siberia, which means there will be a supply of it for it years to come.


• It’s not illegal or immoral


Michelle Obama’s Mammoth ivory jewelry

Michelle Obama has recently been seen sporting Mammoth ivory jewelry. She and numerous animal protection and environmental groups have been actively promoting Mammoth ivory.


While elephant ivory has been banned for decades, African poachers still kill elephants for their tusks, endangering the population.


International customs policies regarding even antique ivory have recently been hotly debated as the elephant populations continue to dwindle and the poaching concerns grow.


A recent study shows that increasing trade in Mammoth ivory could quell demand for elephant tusks, helping to save the majestic animal from the same fate that befell its Mammoth ancestor.


Carol Barrett Mammoth ivory jewelry

Even before Michelle Obama made Mammoth Ivory jewelry popular, I was collecting gorgeous Mammoth ivory carvings from acclaimed ivory artists in China and transforming them into one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, pendants and charms.


Most of my pieces are signed by the artists and beautifully carved.  Because this is all done by hand each piece is original. Some of the Mammoth ivory pieces have an antique or vintage character while they all have extraordinary detail and cultural significance.


I have been making stunning jewelry from Mammoth ivory for 25 years. In all that time, I’ve never encountered anyone else who uses the small Mammoth ivory carvings of animals and people to make jewelry.


Sustainable Mammoth Ivory jewelry

I believe using mammoth ivory is environmentally responsible and can encourage the disuse of elephant ivory and therefore, will save the elephant.  The more people see what can be carved from mammoth ivory, I believe they will find this a beautiful alternative.