Aquamarine is such a perfect birthstone for the month of March. It’s beautiful blue-green and green-blue hues are a great complement to most spring fashion.


The soothing color is said to cool hot tempers and create a sense of tranquility for the wearer.


Carol Barrett uses quite a bit of Aquamarine in her one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces and bracelets. The right stones will make big statements when included in a piece of Barrett’s jewelry. That’s why she is incredibly selective about the gemstones she buys.


Aquamarine science

The very name of the gem conjures images of seawater. And it should. The stone is named for its color, which reflects the varying hues of the world’s oceans.


Aquamarine is part of the beryl group and a close relative to the emerald – one of the world’s four precious gems.


Aquamarine, considered a semi-precious gemstone, gets its color from iron impurities in colorless beryl crystals. While the coloration could be considered a flaw in the crystal, it’s generally what makes Aquamarine valuable. While the stone comes in various shades of blue and green, the most valuable is certainly a deep blue.


Finding good Aquamarine stones

As a semi-precious gemstone, Aquamarine is not always hard to find. But it is hard to find high-quality, desirable stones with few flaws, especially for jewelry designers like Carol Barrett who want multiple matching stone beads that can be strung together.


Over the nearly 25 years Barrett has been making designer jewelry with high quality semi-precious gemstones, she has come to develop strong relationships with gemstone vendors. She works with some of the world’s best gemstone representatives. They all know Barrett buys only the best quality stones, so they go to her when they have the stones and never take sub-par gems for her to consider.


Incorporating Aquamarine gemstones

Aquamarine is a beautiful stone that can certainly make a statement all by itself. When Barrett has a collection of quality Aquamarine stones to work with, she’s eager to put something together that will showcase them. Of course, there are also times when Aquamarine makes a good accent or perfectly complements a jade piece Barrett found in Indonesia.



In any case, Aquamarine jewelry is a fantastic choice for the spring season. The blue-green hues go with most outfits and bring an airy sense of fresh vibrancy to almost any ensemble.


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