The days are growing longer and the evenings warmer. As summer approaches, our wardrobes change. Our sleeves get shorter and our necklines plunge deeper. It’s the perfect time to don a beautiful one-of-a-kind summer necklace.


Summer necklaces

Summer calls for bright colors, vibrant and happy pieces full of character. A summer necklace is going to be noticed. All that bare skin creates a perfect canvas for a show-stopping piece of jewelry that makes a statement.


While quality jewelry and well-crafted original pieces are timeless classics you can wear year-round, summertime is the perfect time to invest in a beautiful one-of-a-kind summer necklace that will turn heads.


Summer gems

While we’re still in spring, and summer hasn’t officially started yet, there’s something so enticing about the rich bold greens, purples and reds that make up the summer birthstones.


Those colors make big statements, just like summer jewelry should.


Quiet elegance

Of course, big and bold colors standout and amaze during the summer months when ladies are covering up less. But a beautiful, classic piece with quieter colors can also make a big statement.


The right design and the best semi-precious gemstones paired with unusual and unique artifacts can make a summer necklace that dresses up a casual summer outfit and creates a quiet elegance. 


Feeling beautiful 

Summer fashion can be flattering or it can be intimidating, especially in the spring and early summer before we’ve become comfortable with our lighter weight wardrobe.


Starting the summer with a timeless piece of jewelry, a summer necklace that stands out and explodes with character, grace and history, is a sure way to feel beautiful no matter what you wear.


Carol Barrett’s summer necklaces

There’s a bare space around the collarbone just begging to be beautifully adorned with colorful gemstones. If you could add a traffic-stopping antique or vintage carving to your one-of-a-kind summer necklace, it would bring the piece together in a timeless, classic way.


That’s what Carol Barrett is doing. She combines beautiful semi-precious gemstones with original artifacts she finds on her travels around the globe. The pieces are truly unique, distinct and perfect for the summer.