Spring has arrived at last! The weather is changing. We’re switching out our wardrobes and shedding the layers. Now it’s time to accessorize! If there is one overarching theme in spring jewelry trends this year it’s about making a statement.


Jewelry is not fading quietly into the background. It’s standing out and saying something original.


Spring jewelry color trends

Color makes a comeback every spring and this one is no exception. Vibrant purples, blues and soft jades are popular along with natural yellows.

Of course, wardrobes get more colorful in the spring as well and ladies are often looking for jewelry they can wear with any color. For that reason, lighter and white and gold jewelry is also in this season.


Bold jewelry design

While some of the colors might be quieter, the pieces themselves are anything but. Top luxury brand designers have released some show-stopping pieces this year. From Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior to Saint Laurent and Rodarte, spring jewelry is bold. It makes big statements and stands out.


Elegant and timeless spring jewelry

While spring necklaces, bracelets and earrings are bold and full of character, there’s something classic and timeless about the best jewelry pieces as well. When you look at the images of this year’s best jewelry, it’s dynamic and original, yet you can imagine loving it and wearing it for the rest of your life.

Even the truly bold one-of-a-kind pieces with sharp angles and bright colors have a quality that makes them feel like the could be vintage – the kind of jewelry your grandmother could have worn and that your great granddaughter could wear in the future.


Jewelry that gets noticed

The overwhelming theme in spring jewelry trends this year is that it’s meant to make a statement. The best original jewelry right now isn’t an accessory – it’s wearable art. Great spring necklaces are going to make strangers stop and ask you about your jewelry. It’s going to inspire and excite you every time you put it on and it’s going to draw attention.


Carol Barrett Jewelry

I love it when the spring jewelry trends are bold like this. My pieces are always high quality and original. They never go unnoticed and always make a statement. While dynamic conversation starters, they’re also classic and timeless. Please browse my collection to see for yourself how Carol Barrett Jewelry fits perfectly with 2014 spring jewelry trends.